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The value of being a World Explorer

Pricing Options

CHI is a non-profit organization so we keep our prices as affordable as possible. Your total program fee covers administrative costs for both CHI and the organization in the hosting country. Both organizations work on your behalf to provide you and your host family with a rewarding experience. This includes a diligent application process, thorough interviews, and program orientations to help ensure a safe and exciting cultural experience for you and your hosts.

This extensive matching process, when added to the inclusion of free room and board and only 15 hours per week of tutoring, makes for a fantastic value. You also receive support before, during and after your trip. A 24-hour in-country support system is included throughout your stay.

Remember, the longer your stay, the better the value. Even economical foreign travel can easily cost over $100 per day plus airfare and insurance. This makes traveling through CHI World Explorers up to six times cheaper than staying in hotels or hostels and eating out every day.


Latin America

Africa and Asia

Maximize your investment


  • The lowest prices are based on a three month commitment. Programs lasting less than 30 days will still be charged the full amount for the one month period.
  • Programs lasting between 31-60 days will be charged the full amount for the two month period.
  • Programs lasting between 61-90 days will be charged the full amount for the three month period.