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In order to participate in the program, you must:

Be 18 year or older

Be a high school graduate

Be flexible and adaptable to a different culture

Be respectful of your host family’s rules

Be a fluent English speaker from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand*

* Residents from other countries may only be considered if they are completely fluent in English

What to expect

Program Timeline

World Explorers runs year-round, and is very popular during the summer months. We ask that you apply at least three months in advance in order to arrange your ideal placement with a host family. We recommend that you apply even earlier to secure your placement for summer programs. Last minute placements may be possible in countries where we have immediate openings. Our program workflow is below. You are welcome to contact a World Explorers customer care specialist at any time!


Tell us About You

Share your travel plans and interests to help us locate your ideal host family



Interview with a World Explorers customer care specialist


Show Your Commitment

Pay your $399 commitment fee*


Host Family Placement

We work with our overseas partners to choose your ideal host family


Get to Know Your Hosts

Contact the host family and set up a virtual meet-and-greet



Once you successfully communicate with your host family, we will make your placement official

You will receive travel tips and tutoring materials to review


Confirm Travel Dates

You purchase flight tickets and travel insurance

Pay the balance of your program fee at least two weeks before your departure



CHI offers an orientation session to prepare you for your trip

Your life-changing experience begins!

We and our overseas partner support you for your entire stay



Share your experience with us.

Become a World Explorer again and receive discounts and contest opportunities

* This fee is 100% refundable if we cannot place you in time Otherwise, this deposit goes toward your final program fee

The Application Process

The online application process for the World Explorers program is easy to use. Make sure you follow these simple steps to ensure your acceptance to the program.

  • Register and complete the Discovery portion of the World Explorers online application at
  • A CHI staff member will contact you to arrange an interview
  • After your interview, you will then complete the Finding Your Hosts portion of the online application which includes a questionnaire about your personal information and interests, your dietary needs and your medical history
  • You will also need to send us:
    • One introductory letter about yourself addressed to your potential host family
    • Two letters of recommendation from employers, teachers or family friends
    • Four photos that express a bit of your personality. Aim to upload one headshot, one photo of yourself doing something you like to do, and two photos with your friends or family

Would you like to talk to a World Explorers customer care associate before applying?

We are ready to answer all your questions.

We strive to offer the trustworthy customer service you deserve.

Finding Your Hosts

In order to find the right host family for you, it is important that you share as much information about yourself as possible. Imagine things from their perspective. If you were looking to invite someone into your own home, what would you like to know about them? Try to present a well-rounded image of yourself so that they can get to know the real you!

  • Take the time to write a clear letter directed to potential host families describing yourself and what you are looking for in a host family (click here to see a sample)
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from someone that can verify that you are a good fit for our program. This may be from a former teacher, an employer, a family friend or relative (click here to see a sample)
  • Once you have been accepted to the program, you will be asked to make a commitment payment of $399 to show you are serious about the program. This money is totally refundable if we cannot place you in time. Otherwise, this deposit goes towards your total program fee.
  • Your application will then be sent to our overseas partners in your desired destination
  • The matching process is based upon the availability of your desired location and dates requested, as well as your hobbies, interests and goals
  • The host family’s information will then be presented to you so that we can determine that you are a good match
  • You will be asked to make contact with your hosts via email, add them on Facebook and/or Skype before we confirm your placement
  • Be 100% honest so that we can be sure to provide for you the best possible program and host family match

Preparing for Your Trip

Once your family agrees to your program dates and lets us know they can pick you up at the airport, you can go ahead and purchase your plane tickets. We can also help you get affordable travel insurance that provides medical coverage abroad. You will be given tutoring materials and complete a 40-minute pre-departure orientation via Skype before you depart.