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A City Sao Paulo Tashkent Sprawling Tashkent is Central Asia's hub and the place where everything in Uzbekistan happens
Popular Dish Somsa Delightful stuffed pastries are a popular dish in Uzbekistan
Tourist Attraction Registan The Registan was the heart of the ancient city of Samarkand of the Timurid dynasty
Currency Uzbekistani Som Today, $1.00 USD buys 8,055.00 Uzbekistani Som
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Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a unique crossroads of people and cultures. As the former center of the famed Silk Road, it was the meeting place of great empires -including those of Alexander the Great, the Russian Tsars, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlan- as well as many nomadic tribes before the development of major sea routes. The modern state still boasts some of the oldest cities in the world, and its people remain spiritually diverse, following Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

CHI works with a trusted partner agency in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to find the best host families possible for our World Explorers. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and began as a thriving city along the Great Silk Road that led from China to Europe. Little remains of the ancient city following an earthquake in 1966 earthquake and various Soviet modernization projects following the 1917 revolution.

Although Uzbek is now the official language, Russian more widely spoken. Most businesses use Russian in their signs, menus and other printed material. Only government institutions use Uzbek as the first language, and even then, many government forms and reports are in Russian, rather than Uzbek. Uzbekistan is an ideal destination for people who want to study Russian in an exotic and alluring location. World Explorers offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience and to boost your resume teaching English in Uzbekistan.

What is the recommended age range for World Explorers traveling to this country?

Some of the overseas partner agencies we work with place restrictions on age. We recommend this destination for travelers ages 18-30. Some older candidates may be considered, but we cannot guarantee it.


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The length of your stay is an especially important factor: the longer you stay abroad, the cheaper the cost per day becomes.

CHI is a non-profit organization, but we still have fixed costs that are necessary for running the program. Our overseas partners are actually for-profit, and we must take that into consideration as well. Our partners do the work to find and screen excellent host families that match your interests and needs!

Do you have questions about your trip costs? Do you have questions about Uzbekistan? We are here to serve you!

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Explore Uzbekistan
Explore Uzbekistan
Explore Uzbekistan