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A City Sao Paulo Seoul A 21st-century urban ideal of parks, culture and design
Popular Dish Bibimbap The word literally means "mixed rice"
Tourist Attraction Seoul Tower Opened in 1980, this iconic tower offers panoramic views of the city & a revolving restaurant
Currency South Korean Won Today, $1.00 USD buys 1,092.82 South Korean Won
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South Korea has been in the spotlight in recent years for its pop culture and cuisine. Whether you are a fan of Korean boy bands such as K-Pop, are learning the language or just can’t get your fill of kimchi, CHI would love to send you on the adventure of a lifetime teaching English to a host family in South Korea. As a World Explorer in South Korea, you may be asked to tutor high school aged teens preparing for a high school abroad program in the U.S. Other families have younger children that are eager to learn English from you!

CHI works with trusted overseas partners in Seoul, South Korea to find the best host families possible for you. Please note that most placements will be outside of the city center. Seoul has a population of 10 million inhabitants, with over 600,000 international residents. It is a popular destination for people to teach English after they become TEFL certified. World Explorers often acts as a stepping stone for people thinking about teaching English abroad. Give it a shot and see how well your students learn from you.

Are you studying Korean? Cultural immersion forces you to put yourself out there and try communicating with the locals. You will be surprised at how quickly you can pick up new grammar, use the correct verb tenses and improve your accent when you are surround by native speakers.

As a World Explorer in South Korea, you will be able to take in the best of Seoul. Bukchon is said to be the most beautiful historical district in the city, a place where visitors wander through tiny streets and peer over the gabled walls to view old hanok (traditional Korean houses) of various shapes and sizes. All three of Seoul's major tourist spots (Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Cheonggyecheon stream and the King Sejong statue), are a short walk from small Gwanghwamun subway station. Have you got Gangnam style? Go check out the trendy neighborhood for yourself! The Bonguesa temple in Gangnam is a wonderfully serene spot in the middle of the city, providing striking views of the traditional city juxtaposed with the modern skyline. Overall, Seoul boasts amazing shopping, great restaurants and happening clubs. Seoul is well connected to other regions of the country. Trains can take you to tropical beaches and lush valleys in no time!

What is the recommended age range for World Explorers traveling to this country?

Some of the overseas partner agencies we work with place restrictions on age. We recommend this destination for travelers ages 18-30. Some older candidates may be considered, but we cannot guarantee it.


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We understand that keeping the World Explorers cost down is as important as the life-changing experience you will enjoy. Hence, we prepared a cost calculator which shows the cost of the program (excluding airfare) compared to the cost of a standard vacation. The prices are calculated according to the destination chosen, the arrival and departure dates, and the length of your stay.

The length of your stay is an especially important factor: the longer you stay abroad, the cheaper the cost per day becomes.

CHI is a non-profit organization, but we still have fixed costs that are necessary for running the program. Our overseas partners are actually for-profit, and we must take that into consideration as well. Our partners do the work to find and screen excellent host families that match your interests and needs!

Do you have questions about your trip costs? Do you have questions about South Korea? We are here to serve you!

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Explore South Korea
Explore South Korea
Explore South Korea