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A City Sao Paulo Rabat Rabat stretches serenely along the ocean's edge
Popular Dish Tagine Moroccan food is as colorful as its culture
Tourist Attraction Erg Chebbi Sandboarding anyone?
Currency Moroccan Dirham Today, $1.00 USD buys 9.42 Moroccan Dirham
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Looking for an experience off the beaten path? Why not visit Morocco? Even though it’s just a skip, hop and ferry ride away from Spain, Morocco is culturally distinct and full with rich, fascinating and ancient history dating back 12 centuries. The Berbers, Romans, Phoenicians, and Byzantines all inhabited Morocco at one point or another. The Muslim country was more recently colonized by the French, Spanish and Portuguese up until Morocco gained its independence in 1956. There are so many things to see in this colorful country filled with majestic palaces, interesting museums, flavorful cuisine and stunning natural landscapes.

Our trusted partner agency is located in the capital city of Rabat. They can arrange volunteer opportunities to teach English in Morocco. Our volunteer English teachers live with a host family and teach English at a local school or summer camp. World Explorers in Morocco is a more structured version of our normal program because our participants will be teaching English in a classroom environment and not just in the home.

Although the Moroccan Government is working hard to improve literacy and promote professional development through the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD), a large percentage of Moroccan children and teenagers are not given the chance to acquire marketable skills. These young Moroccans are aware that speaking a second language will enable them to further their education and integrate well into the job market. Volunteers work with underprivileged children, providing training in English, French and information technology. Volunteer tasks include running small workshops, assisting local teachers and organizing educational games and activities. Volunteers can also assist in summer camps.

Learning Arabic? We are very excited to be able to offer placements in an Arabic-speaking country. Arabic classes can be arranged through our partner agency in combination with your teaching position for an additional fee. Cultural Immersion is the best way to learn a language, so what are you waiting for?

What is the recommended age range for World Explorers traveling to this country?

Some of the overseas partner agencies we work with place restrictions on age. We recommend this destination for travelers ages 18-60+. Some older candidates may be considered, but we cannot guarantee it.


Cost Calculator

We understand that keeping the World Explorers cost down is as important as the life-changing experience you will enjoy. Hence, we prepared a cost calculator which shows the cost of the program (excluding airfare) compared to the cost of a standard vacation. The prices are calculated according to the destination chosen, the arrival and departure dates, and the length of your stay.

The length of your stay is an especially important factor: the longer you stay abroad, the cheaper the cost per day becomes.

CHI is a non-profit organization, but we still have fixed costs that are necessary for running the program. Our overseas partners are actually for-profit, and we must take that into consideration as well. Our partners do the work to find and screen excellent host families that match your interests and needs!

Do you have questions about your trip costs? Do you have questions about Morocco? We are here to serve you!

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Explore Morocco
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