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A City Sao Paulo Karaganda Where East meets West
Popular Dish Besbarmaq The national dish among nomadic Turkic peoples in Central Asia
Tourist Attraction Bayterek Tower A golden egg in the sky!
Currency Kazakhstani Tenge Today, $1.00 USD buys 326.06 Kazakhstani Tenge
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Had anyone ever even heard of Kazakhstan before Borat?

That’s right, the fictitious Kazakh journalist, a character played by English comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, put Kazakhstan on the map for the masses. In fact, Borat’s popularity had such a tremendous impact on Kazakhstan that the number of tourists increased by tenfold.

However, there is so much more to Kazakhstan than Borat! The vast transcontinental territory spreads from Europe to Asia and was once inhabited by nomadic tribes and occupied by Genghis Khan. The country is rich in oil and other natural resources. Major cities are home to modern and innovative architecture design. The former-Soviet country hosts a total of 131 distinct ethnicities that are each rich with unique cultural traditions. The Kazakh people are extremely welcoming and eager to meet native English speakers, just like you!

CHI works with its trusted partner agency in Karaganda. The third largest city in the country, Karaganda is home to two major universities. When not tutoring their hosts, past World Explorers have also had the chance to teach English at the university. This opportunity offers a great way to fill your free time and make new friends.

While Kazakh is the official language, Russian is also widely spoken in Kazakhstan. We recommend Kazakhstan as a destination if you are looking to improve your Russian language skills while helping others. The aim of World Explorers is to get your students speaking better English. CHI provides you with basic tutoring materials for the casual English conversation lessons. Most Kazakhs learn English at an early age in school and are dying for the opportunity to use it. That’s where you come in. You will be welcomed into your host family’s home and become a part of their lives, and in return, they will become your friends for life.

What is the recommended age range for World Explorers traveling to this country?

Some of the overseas partner agencies we work with place restrictions on age. We recommend this destination for travelers ages 18-40+. Some older candidates may be considered, but we cannot guarantee it.


Cost Calculator

We understand that keeping the World Explorers cost down is as important as the life-changing experience you will enjoy. Hence, we prepared a cost calculator which shows the cost of the program (excluding airfare) compared to the cost of a standard vacation. The prices are calculated according to the destination chosen, the arrival and departure dates, and the length of your stay.

The length of your stay is an especially important factor: the longer you stay abroad, the cheaper the cost per day becomes.

CHI is a non-profit organization, but we still have fixed costs that are necessary for running the program. Our overseas partners are actually for-profit, and we must take that into consideration as well. Our partners do the work to find and screen excellent host families that match your interests and needs!

Do you have questions about your trip costs? Do you have questions about Kazakhstan? We are here to serve you!

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The chance to teach overseas was special to me, but what I will always remember is how incredibly warm, friendly and giving the people of Karaganda were to me.I can certainly relate to my students here in the US more, now that I have experienced coming into a country by myself, where I didn't know the language, the alphabet, didn't particularly look like many of them, and really didn't know but a few people when I got there. I think this experience has also convinced me to follow through and complete my MATESOL.

Jim R. - World Explorer in Kazakhstan, October 2013
Explore Kazakhstan
Explore Kazakhstan
Explore Kazakhstan