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A City Sao Paulo Jaipur There is never a dull moment in this colorful, chaotic and culturally rich city!
Popular Dish Curry Taste the best curry in the world!
Currency Indian Rupee Today, $1.00 USD buys 63.79 Indian Rupee
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India's remarkable diversity is reflected in its landscapes, cuisine and customs.

A journey through this exotic country will remain in your memory long after you've left its shores. India hosts some of the world's most spectacular devotional celebrations – from parades celebrating special days on the religious calendar to simple harvest fairs that pay homage to a local deities. Spirituality is the common thread that weaves its way through this vast and complex country. Whether you do yoga, meditate or are simply curious about the spiritual, you will be sure to appreciate the sacred sites and ancient rituals. Plus, you will eat like a king! In India, you'll fry, simmer, sizzle, knead, roast and flip through a deliciously diverse selection of dishes. The hungry traveller can look forward to a tasty smorgasbord of regionally distinct creations with traditional preparation techniques and presentation styles.

As a World Explorer in India, you can get to know the country and its people through various volunteer and internship programs in Jaipur, the Himalayas, or Goa. CHI works with its trusted partners agency to arrange 11 possible volunteer opportunities and 26 different internships throughout these three regions and cities.

Volunteering in India is a rewarding and life-changing experience. For example, you may be able to teach in a local school and help children learn various subjects.

What is the recommended age range for World Explorers traveling to this country?

Some of the overseas partner agencies we work with place restrictions on age. We recommend this destination for travelers ages 18-60+. Some older candidates may be considered, but we cannot guarantee it.


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We understand that keeping the World Explorers cost down is as important as the life-changing experience you will enjoy. Hence, we prepared a cost calculator which shows the cost of the program (excluding airfare) compared to the cost of a standard vacation. The prices are calculated according to the destination chosen, the arrival and departure dates, and the length of your stay.

The length of your stay is an especially important factor: the longer you stay abroad, the cheaper the cost per day becomes.

CHI is a non-profit organization, but we still have fixed costs that are necessary for running the program. Our overseas partners are actually for-profit, and we must take that into consideration as well. Our partners do the work to find and screen excellent host families that match your interests and needs!

Do you have questions about your trip costs? Do you have questions about India? We are here to serve you!

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Explore India
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