Cultural Homestay International

CHI is a world leader in educational and cultural exchange. We welcome you to learn more about our exciting exchange opportunities, including Academic Year, Au Pair, Au Pair Abroad, Camp Leaders, Group Homestay, High School Abroad, Internship & Training, Private High School, Short-Term Enrichment, Work & Travel and World Explorers.

CHI's Exchange Programs

CHI operates 11 different cultural exchange programs and many other exchange opportunities. We have grouped all our programs into four main categories: Educational, Work Experience, For American Travelers and Child Care.

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Get familiar with our selection of exchange programs tailored for host families and international high school students.

Work Experience

Amazing opportunities for American busineeses, foreign university students and young professionals. CHI’s work experience programs range from 1 to 18 months.

For American Travelers

Incredible and affordable opportunities to travel abroad. Choose between 24 different countries and 3 customized programs. It will be a life-chaning experience, regardless of your age.

Child Care

Loving and flexible child care does not have to be expensive. Find out how CHI can help you and your family with your child care needs by providing affordable, cost effective and hands-on support year-round.