The Private High School Program

The CHI Private High School Program (PHSP) provides opportunities for students from around the world to attend elite private high schools and live with caring American host families. Our specially selected schools are available across the United States and offer a broad variety of sizes, geographical locations, specialty and elective courses, extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports. Choose the school that best fits your dreams. Stay for a semester, a school year, or return for up to three years. Work hard to earn your diploma and you can graduate from an American high school!

Why Private High School

Stay with a caring host family, hand-picked ensuring a perfect match

Choose a school that fits your interests and personal needs

Become better prepared for your future academic endeavors

Study in a prestigious high school in the United States

24/7 Hands-on and caring support from CHI and from the host family

Monthly progress reports are delivered to parents

View the list of prestigious private high schools CHI offers.

We are here to help!

Would you like to sign up for the school of your choice, not listed by CHI? Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.


Many schools wish to interview prospective students prior to acceptance. All schools have specific application deadlines, though some will continue to accept late applicants as long as space is available.

  • Have at least a "C" average in your classes, though some schools may require a higher grade point average (GPA) or other specific requirements.
  • Be at least 15 years old and no older than 18 at the start of the school year
  • A minimum 48 SLEP score is required for all students, though some schools require a higher SLEP score or a specific TOEFL result.

Support from CHI and from the Host Family

When you first arrive, your host family or your CHI Coordinator will meet you at the airport and transport you to your host family’s home. Your host family will provide you with a caring family environment. You will learn about American culture and participate in family life. Your family will provide you with a bedroom and a place to study, your meals and the support of a real family.

Throughout your stay your host family will care for you and support you as a member of their family. They will want to learn about your culture and will help you be successful in your program.

The Application Process

CHI works with trusted partner organizations around the world. Your local educational organization will work with CHI to assist you throughout the application process.


Contact Our Local Partner

Work with your local agency to review the profiles of each of the private schools, choosing 1-3 schools. For information about a CHI partner agency in your area, please contact us.



Complete and submit the CHI application with your application fee. Your application will be reviewed when all documents have been received. School transcripts, medical records and references will be required at this time and may take some time to gather. Start the process as early as possible to allow for early school application deadlines. Arrange to take the SLEP or TOEFL test as required by the schools of your choice.


Choose Your School!

When CHI accepts you to the PHSP, you will then need to complete the specific application for your chosen private high school. Submit this application with the deposit required by the school and any additional required documents (many of the requirements will have already been submitted with the CHI application). Once your application has been received, your school may wish to interview you by SKYPE.


Obtaining the Visa

When you have been accepted, you will receive a school acceptance letter by email and an invoice for school fees. Once the school fees have been received, you will receive the original school acceptance letter and the I-20 form required for your visa interview.


Finding Your Family

CHI will arrange a host family for you and send you detailed information about your placement.


The Adventure Begins

When you receive your visa, work with your local representative to make your travel plans and inform CHI so we can make the arrangements to meet you at the airport and prepare for your arrival and orientation.

Do you have questions about pricing, the application process or anything else? We are here to help!

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