A life-changing opportunity

We would like to invite you, young professionals, university students and recent college graduates, to consider the many benefits of the CHI Internship and Training Programs.

Practical experience in an American host business

Put your educational knowledge and your university major "to work"

Gain valuable experience in your chosen professional field

Gain an in-depth understanding of the American business, society and culture.

Significant contribution to the realization of your future career goals.

Testimonials from Previous Participants

  • At my host business I felt as a part of the family, making me comprehend much more of the American culture and values. About my learning, I cannot express how much I’ve learned here. Not just about the business itself, but also from the everyday living and working with different kinds of people. I did things here that I never thought I would do and I even rather enjoyed it! In short words, I had a great time here and I’m going back home with a cultural luggage even larger than my real one!

    Carlos, from Brazil
  • It is a great pleasure to thank CHI and my host business for providing me a wonderful training in the USA. This is one of the most thoughtful experiences in my life. I am grateful to you for making my dream come true. This training helped me groom myself into a better personality and I developed my communication skills and work habits.

    Shyla, from India
  • I meet many good teachers and they cheered me on to become a teacher in Japan. Now I have the confidence to be a teacher. I will never forget the children, I learned so much from them. It was really good experience to join this program.

    Eri, from Japan
  • This is my 7th month as a trainee here. I’m very blessed that CHI is there helping students and young professionals like me to explore, learn and improve my skills. Aside from that, to know the lifestyle, culture and meet different people around the world. I appreciate and thank you so much for your help and god bless you always. Keep it up! :)

    Ryan, from Philippines

Internship Requirements

The internship Program has a maximum duration of 12 months. There are no extensions, however, you may repeat a J-1 visa as long as you have a student status.

  • Must be currently enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post secondary academic institution or have graduated from an institution within 12 months of the internship start date in the US.
  • Verifiable English Language skills by an English test or documentation by an academic institution’s English instructor.
  • Personal interview conducted by a CHI partner either in person or via webcam.
  • Have an intermediate to advanced level of English proficiency and submit proof of English ability.

Agriculture and Hospitality Programs

Agriculture Internships

The Agriculture Program is a maximum 12-month practical learning experience related to your course of study and your career development objectives. Participation in the Agriculture program will improve your understanding of US agricultural practices and methodologies. We have placements ranging from farms focusing on crops to cattle farming. You will also gain valuable insight into American culture and society.

Hospitality Internships

The Hospitality Internship Program (HIP) is a 12-month practical learning experience related to your course of study and your career development objectives. Participation in the HIP will improve your understanding of American hospitality business practices and methodologies in the hospitality profession. You will also gain valuable insight into American culture and society.

Training Requirements

The Training Program has a maximum duration of 18 months. There are no extensions.

  • Must have completed a degree or professional certificate outside the US and have one year related work experience outside the US, or have five years of related work experience in your home country.
  • Verifiable English Language skills by an English test or documentation by an academic institution’s English instructor.

Placement Categories



CHI will help you with all the paperwork when you find a job on your own.



We will find you a position and will also help with the paperwork!

CHI works in partnerships with student exchange organizations in 42 countries. They will guide you in the application procedures, administer tests and will evaluate your credentials. Final decision is made by CHI’s Internship Admissions Department in San Anselmo, California. They are authorized to issue Form 2019 for the J-1 visa, which may be valid for up to 18 months.

Are you ready to apply? Would you like to contact a CHI partner in your country? Do you have more questions about the Internship or the Training programs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Extra-curricular employment outside the participant’s CHI J-1 internship program is strictly prohibited.

The Department of State has implemented a system called SEVIS, which keeps a record of international students who are participating on exchange programs. SEVIS enables sponsors to transmit participant information to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DOS (the Department of State). Only sponsor agencies are allowed to enter the SEVIS system and validate participants’ visas.

You will be issued a J-1 visa for the exact dates listed on your DS-2019 form (e.g. your legal internship dates). Also, upon entry into the US, a Form I-94 will be attached to your passport. The I-94 indicates the last day you may be in the US on this J-1 visa. Alternatively, “D/S” may be stamped on the I-94 card instead of an actual date. “D/S” is an abbreviation for “Duration of Status” which is equivalent to the specified time indicated on the DS-2019 form plus a 30- day “grace” period reserved for travel purposes only.

NO. Once your DS dates have expired, you are no longer in a bona fide sponsored internship program and cannot continue at the Host Business. You have the option of either returning home or staying in the US an additional 30 days beyond the expired DS dates for the exclusive purpose of travel. If you wish to remain in the US to travel longer than the 30 days allowed following the program, you need to contact the Office of Homeland Security and request a change of status to a B-2 (tourist) visa. You will need to complete the OHS form I-539 and pay a fee of $75. The Office of Homeland Security recommends that the tourist visa application be submitted 45 days prior to the expiration of the participant’s J-1 visa. As a reminder, you are responsible for purchasing appropriate insurance to cover the travel period following the internship program.

Yes, as long as you are enrolled in a post-secondary institution or have graduated within 12 months.

NO. CHI cannot release you in the US from its J-1 program in order for you to transfer to another J program.

CHI is unable to transfer a participant who is currently on an F-1 student visa in the US to CHI’s J-1 visa. The participant MUST return home in order to apply for CHI’s Internship Program.