The CHI Camp Leaders Program

CHI Camp Leaders provides summer camps all around the US with a diverse and skilled applicant pool from around the world. The Program is designated by the US Department of State to sponsor qualified participants in an Exchange Visitor Program under the "Summer Camp Counselor" category.


We have been attending CHI Camp Leaders’ fairs for the past five years. The participants that we have placed have been truly amazing and their professionalism, experience and skills have been top notch. CHI Camp Leaders’ hospitality organization and hospitality is unbeatable.

Brad Finkel from JCC Camp CHI

In CHI Camp Leaders we have found a partner who understands the true definition of excellence.

Debbie Priddy from Camp Ozark

Each summer at Romaca we honor a ‘Staff Member of the Year’. The last 5 years has been a CHI Camp Leaders staff member that I have hired in the UK!

Daniel Atkins from Romaca

Trust CHI Camp Leaders

Our core focus is to build quality relationships through meaningful cultural exchange programs.

Campers closely engage with positive role models from other cultures greatly enhancing the educational value of the camp experience.


To date we have helped over 32,000 participants enjoy the summer of a lifetime at more than 500 camps across the US!

Camp Leaders
Camp Leaders
Camp Leaders

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CHI: the company

For over 36 years, CHI has been developing exchange programs. Why? CHI wants businesses, hosting families and young Americans to share their values, their love and their freedom with foreigners. CHI also wants foreigners to share their culture, values, skills and life experiences with Americans. We believe this to be the best way to promote trust and understanding among nations and to build a more prosperous, peaceful world.


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The process of hiring Camp Counselors is straightforward. We find the ideal participants all around the world and we handle most of the paperwork, so our partnering US Camps can focus in their core business.


The Beginning

Participant applies from his/her home country, by filling their information into the CHI Camp Leaders Website.


Job Fairs

Jobs Fairs are organized with carefully pre-selected participants who a Camp Director can recruit for his/her Camp.



CHI Camp Leaders schedules a brief interview after the participant pays an introductory refundable fee.


Short Paperwork

After the required paperwork is completed, we will issue and send the participant’s forms by mail, so he/she can get his/her J-1 visa


Getting to know the participant

The participant is scheduled for one of the upcoming country fairs.


The Visa

The participant signs his/her Camp Contract and book his/her visa interview.


The Camp Director's Turn

A Camp Director signs a contract with CHI to become a CHI Partner.


The Ending

Upon visa approval, participants book their trip, the Camp receives the itinerary and the real fun is about to begin!

Directors' Fairs

Our Directors' Fairs offer Camp Directors the chance to recruit key staff members to be hired on the spot. All of our participants attending on the day have already been screened by our trained interviewers and passionate office staff members - all of whom have already been to American Camps with CHI Camp Leaders.

We personally believe that every participant attending has the capability and personality to become a fantastic camp staff member! With an attitude that reflects us as a company and fits perfectly within the summer camp industry.

We run fairs all over the world, including the UK, Central Europe, Down Under and Mexico to help you find the high-quality staff you need for a successful summer at Camp. Our fairs can be combined to suit your needs. You have the option to pick and choose which fairs will work best for you, your schedule and your staffing needs. We’re happy to put together customized itineraries for you to find the best staff for your camp.

Camp Leaders
Camp Leaders
Camp Leaders

Opportunities as a Camp Counselor

There are many exciting opportunities for cultural exchange and professional growth at a camp. Learn about some of those fun choices below. Our role will be assigned to a Camp Director, who is make your skills to the camp's needs.

Camp Leader

General Camp Counselors with a range of skills and experience, these participants are excited to live and work with the children day in and day out!


Participants who have earned qualifications are recognized as "Specialists”, they are comfortable leading and teaching specific activity areas at Camp.

Special Needs Leader

Camp Counselors who live and work with children and adults with a range of physical and developmental disabilities, often in a "full care" environment assisting with basic hygienic needs in addition to their typical Camp Counselor duties.

Christian or Jewish Leader

Camp Counselors who are active in their faith and are interested in working at a Camp with an active faith-based program.

Qualified Life Guard

Camp Counselors who participate in a lifeguard course before traveling to camp will arrive already certified and ready to go!

Support Staff

The backbone of your Camp community, these participants keep things running behind the scenes in roles such as kitchen, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and the office!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can participants stay at camp into the winter to work full-time ?

No, the J1 Camp Counselor visa is for a maximum of 4 months during the summer period.


What if a counselor applies when they are 17 years old?

That is great! As long as they turn 18 by the time they arrive in the US


Do participants have to check in with the Department of State once they are in the US?

Yes, once participants are in the US, they will be able to check in with their CHI account.


Can participants get a visa if they are currently outside of their home country?

Usually yes, however it depends on which country they are in currently. Best advice would be to reach out to their home country Camp Leaders office to get further information.