CHI In the News: Exchange Students Gravitate to Sumner Swim

Two CHI high school exchange students are making a splash at Sumner High School outside of Tacoma, Washington.  Jules Chesneau, from France, and Jorge Rodriguez, from Spain, have both joined the Spartan swim team and caught the attention of The Courier-Herald.  The website recently wrote an article on the boys along with a fellow exchange student.

The article quotes:

“Chesneau, 17, is big on sports, and played on the football team in the fall and tried out for the basketball team in the winter, but didn’t make the cut, so to stay active, he decided to take up swimming.

“I wanted to meet more people and do something after school, and swimming interested me a lot,” he said.

Rodriguez, 15, said he used to swim a lot back in Spain, but was self-conscious about his form, so decided to try and improve on it while being competitive at the same time.”

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Jules Chesneau and Jorge Rodriguez. Photos by Ray Still